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SolveSpace on LinuxMint 20.3 64 bit (by Charles Harris)

Which version of Linux software on your web do I download for LinuxMint 20.3 64 bit. Mint not listed. Having trouble with Snap to find out.

Can the files for 3d print be exported to Fusion360 at my local library. Correct format?
Same for files for LightBurn, can they be exported to LightBurn at library. Correct format to run.


Charles Harris
Thu May 4 2023, 18:21:45
SolveSpace on LinuxMint 20.3 64 bit (by Charles Harris)
Hi Got it sorted. Used the Download of the web . Duh!

Charles Harris
Thu May 4 2023, 18:34:17
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You have step export if Fusion will import that format. For laser cutting and etching you would be better off with program that produces DXF or SVG formats. While you can export DXF and SVG from Solvespace, it is not good tool for detailed 2d drawing .You could look at Qcad and Inkscape. If you have your own laser, LaserGRBL seems to run fine under wine.
Thu May 4 2023, 19:02:57
SolveSpace on LinuxMint 20.3 64 bit (by Charles Harris)

Thanks for that.
My objective at the moment is to have laser cut a small panel for switches etc.

So from your advice there is a better program so I am going to try one of them.

The library ask for G code.! is that DXF or SVG or something else. They use lightburn, so I would like to have file in the format they would use.


Charles Harris
New Zealand
Fri May 5 2023, 03:36:26
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Lightburn generates gcode from various file types including DXF and SVG, so QCAD or Inkscape should do the job. If necessary Inkscape has an addon for generating gcode, Laser printers are usually driven by Lightburn or equivalent, where things like number of passes, power levels and feed rates can be setup for inclusion in the gcode. If the library is using Lightburn, either should do,,
Fri May 5 2023, 06:40:49
SolveSpace on LinuxMint 20.3 64 bit (by Charles Harris)
Hi Andrew

Thanks . I have downloaded Inkscape and learning it now. Should do what I want.

Fri May 5 2023, 17:52:03
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