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Blank black canvas on Windows 10 (by TypeG)

It's the first time I use SolveSpace, on first execution of latest version solvespace.exe I got a warning from Microsoft Defender SmartScreen about Unknown editor. I didn't bother and click Execute anyway. This happens only once.

Then the program launch with main window showing only the top menu bar and a black empty canvas, no side toolbar, nor grid, axes, center point, ... like I saw on the video tutorial. The second window Property browser is also empty.

I tried some options from the top menu View or Draw but nothing happens or I get a popup saying I haven't selected anything to draw on.

What did I miss ?

Thank you
Tue May 2 2023, 17:42:17
(no subject) (by Tom)
Maybe it's the AMD video driver issue?
Wed May 3 2023, 01:36:50
Solved (by TypeG)
Oh yes this is it !
I used AMD auto detect tool to upgrade the video driver and get the newest Adrenalin version and now solvespace works perfectly.

Thank you for the hint on AMD.
Thu May 11 2023, 14:23:42
(no subject) (by ruevs)
It seems the 23.4.1 driver fixes the problem.

When I have some time I will still try to debug it and find out what the problem was.
Sat May 13 2023, 06:07:46
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