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How to import a 2d .slvs file to draw on a surface in 3d? (by Aidan)
There's an official solvespace example called "ex-case." This example shows how it's possible to use a 2d .slvs file as an imported base for other 3d files. This is useful.

Now: all the part files in this example start by making a workplane and then import the 2d file to this plane, but I can't figure out how to do this. I can tack down the drawing with constrains as though it were, but this feels like it's probably the wrong way to do this. I also notice that, in this example, the step is called "import," but when I try to import, I'm only given the option to import .dxf and .dwg files. To get a .slvs file into the project, I need New Group/Link.

What am I missing?
Mon May 1 2023, 18:52:41
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Import and tack down with constraints is the way to go. A useful constraint is 'x', same orientation for a normal in the import and the group normal's, (the colored arrows). the '9' is also useful, as it rotates the linked file 90% around the normal coming out of the screen.
Mon May 1 2023, 20:06:12
(no subject) (by Aidan)
Andrew, when I do that, it seems the newly imported 2d thing still is not associated with any workplane, and so cannot be extruded. I don't know how to go from imported 2d to extrude-able thing.
Mon May 1 2023, 23:06:51
(no subject) (by Aidan)
Update: by creating a workplane and then linking the file with that selected, I am able to create a thing that can be extruded. However, the extrusion doesn't come out solid; I only see the outline. In the property browser, under the "dof" column, for the "extrude" step, it shows "err," but I can't find any details.

Also maybe noteworthy is that when I'm in that workplane, I don't see the usual grey/blue areas that the program recognizes as fully-closed areas.
Mon May 1 2023, 23:19:21
(no subject) (by Aidan)
Update: the aforementioned issue was partially due to a mistake in my 2d file.

Importing a file causes your the sketch mode to change to "Anywhere in 3d," if it's not that already. Import the drawing, then select a workplane (creating one if necessary) and change the sketch mode to "In Workplane," then tack down the drawing with constraints, then extrude.
Mon May 1 2023, 23:35:16
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