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Request for new functions (by Laurent Pastor)

Solvespace is my favorite CAD software to make parts for my 3D printer. I use it everyday.

There are two features that are sorely lacking:
1. A tool to achieve mirror symmetry of selected objects.
2. A tool to perform the rotation according to a value in degrees, of selected objects.

3. Another feature that would be welcome, but I think more complex to implement, would be applying an extrusion profile along a path (like an edge or corner path).

I'm willing to help with development if it's within my means and be a beta tester.

Anyway, congratulations to the developers of this awesome app.

My greetings,

Laurent Pastor
Thu Apr 27 2023, 09:42:45
(no subject) (by Tom)
Normal angle constraints should work to define the rotation angle. If necessary then you can add a construction line in the original sketch. There's also "paste transformed", though that's not parametric.

"Paste transformed" can also mirror, and then you can add symmetry constraints to make it parametric. You can also get 2D mirror symmetry with a 3D rotation by 180 degrees about the symmetry axis. You can get 3D mirror symmetry by drawing the geometry in a separate file and then linking it twice, once with scale 1 and one with scale -1. A dedicated mirror tool would indeed be nice, though.
Thu Apr 27 2023, 13:21:22
(no subject) (by ruevs)
The issue for extrude along a path or loft is here And you are right is is harder.
Thu Apr 27 2023, 17:25:49
(no subject) (by Paul)
I've made several attempts at mirror groups. The original request is number 72 here:

I also asked about a more generic "copy" group here:

I believe one of my branches used a copy group with negative scale to add mirror functionality, but I was never happy with any of my implementations, or never completed them.

I've decided that path extrusion done the way I want is going to need some of the same internals - specifically a "copy type" that includes scale, rotation, and translation (SRT copy), but also some other stuff I haven't figured out yet.

You might look at some of my branches for ideas and to learn where some of the changes need to go for such a thing.

I wanted mirror to work for 2d and 3d groups. Not sure if it should be a free-floating copy or if a symmetry axis or plane should be enforced. I've done that and it's interesting but more restrictive.
Fri Apr 28 2023, 16:44:52
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