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Is SolveSpace a static or dead project? (by Randall Lee Reetz )
In the contacts area there are listed three developers, the first is listed as the originator, the second two as "maintainers". Is there a plan to make this application anything better, to evolve it, to make it more user-friendly and stable and graphical (WYSIWYG)? If not, its dead, it will sink forever into the pit of geek only solutions and eventually die completely. Does anyone know of a post-command line mechanical linkage design and simulation package that is dead easy to use and stable?
Thu Apr 6 2023, 13:38:29
(no subject) (by Tom)
The last commit on GitHub was literally two days ago. In free software, the word "maintainer" usually means the primary person responsible, so there's only one at a time. The GitHub commit history shows all the other contributors.

From your other posts, I don't think SolveSpace works like you think. For example you're expected to specify geometry with constraints and dimensions, not to draw it by eye, so a ruler tool wouldn't usually be useful (though there is a grid tool anyways, not sure why). The constraints are exact, not ranges. It seems like you want something more like a physics simulation package than a parametric 3D CAD tool.
Thu Apr 6 2023, 15:17:17
(no subject) (by Thomas)
>Does anyone know of a post-command line mechanical linkage design and simulation package that is dead easy to use and stable?<

SolveSpace :D
Sat Apr 15 2023, 11:12:51
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Have a look at Also, you could download CAELinux,, and run if off a memory stick, and see if it has any tools that would help you solve your problems.
Sat Apr 15 2023, 13:35:12
New release (by DIV)
Not everyone looks on GitHub, and GitHub itself says of the latest builds there: "Edge builds might be unstable or contain severe bugs! They are intended for experienced users to test new features or verify bugfixes."

Is there a schedule to release a version 3.2 (or 4.x)?

I notice that there was an interlude of 14 months between versions 3.0 and 3.1. And it took 3.5 years to go from version 2.0 to version 2.3. From those historical records, could the next stable version be expected around August 2023?
Tue Apr 18 2023, 23:21:18
(no subject) (by Paul)
@DIV There should be a version 3.2 this year, which would be nice with Solvespace turning 10 years old. It's not going to be very exciting with the main improvement being the ability to apply multiple constraints at once. The last couple weeks I've been looking at a particularly difficult NURBS issue, hoping to get some improvement in for the next release, but I make no promises. I'm also really hoping the AMD driver issue gets resolved somehow.
Wed Apr 19 2023, 11:16:15
Thanks (by DIV)
Thanks for the update.
Good luck with the ongoing development :-)
Sat Apr 22 2023, 02:07:53
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