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CLI export-view enhancement (by Marc)
Hi there,

I have made two small changes to the cli tool that lets you export a sketch to gcode:

solvespace-cli export-view --chord-tol 0.1 --construction off --group 1 --view front demo_sketch.slvs -o demo_sketch_export_1.ngc

The first change is that with "--construction off" all construction lines and constraints are hidden (you really don't want to see constraints in your gcode!).

The second change is that with "--group 1" only the first group will be exported.

I have attached the patch for anyone who is interested.
Feel free to create a pull request (I lack both time and expertise to do that part... and I haven't written any tests, so the code may not be mature enough for a pull request anyway.)
Sun Feb 26 2023, 15:50:20, download attachment 0001-Enhanced-cli-s-export-view-command.patch
(no subject) (by Paul)
I am interested to see how you implemented the no constraints option. We've been talking recently about how they should never be part of G-code export. There are already options on the toolbar to turn them off. Not sure that's accessible via cli, and either way we still never want constraints or construction lines to export with G-code.

Your group option seems interesting too.
Tue Feb 28 2023, 14:24:34
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