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Involute Curve in SolveSpace (by Kuti)
Simple Involute Curve in SolveSpace
Tue Feb 14 2023, 12:37:16
(no subject) (by Paul)
What would be an ideal "tool" for making gear teeth? What parameters would it take? How should it work in solvespace? For me, I'd like it to generalize to making teeth on the inside of a ring as well.
Tue Feb 14 2023, 17:00:03
(no subject) (by Kuti)
the method is also good for ellipses
Wed Feb 15 2023, 05:11:10
(no subject) (by Kuti)
Ellipse drawing in SolveSpace:
Wed Feb 15 2023, 09:22:42
(no subject) (by Kuti)
3d kinematik, use constrain, SolveSpace Sketch - Anywhere in 3D options:
Wed Feb 22 2023, 11:13:12
(no subject) (by Kuti)
Workplane rig Sketch Anywhere in 3d, Boolean and Solid operation:
Thu Feb 23 2023, 11:33:33
(no subject) (by app4soft)
> What would be an ideal "tool" for making gear teeth?

An ideal tool might a way to generate teeth with "approximated Involute curve" using just two tangentially connected B├ęzier curve segments constrained in a place of left (or right) teeth side:


Then flipping these two segment across teeth axis would create left and right sides of teeth and adding other arcs and rounds might be trivial made by hand.

Here is an example of setting such "approximated Involute" teeth profile in SolveSpace:


And here is an example of resulted gears 3D assembly tolerance quality:


Using this way decreases number of entities and constraints needed for single teeth construction, and same time produces high quality Involute-like smooth teeth profile good enough for any DIY work.
Tue Feb 28 2023, 18:45:55
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