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Diameter equal to length constraint ? (by Joe)

you impressed me in the threat 'Relative dimensioni' by sidestepping the variable feature with difference in length or ratio constrained. I started to construct a test-piece where all shall be depending on the length of one line.

I tripped when I wanted to make the diameter of a circle be difference in length to a line. Maybe easier, the diameter of a circle shall have equal length than a given line.

Does that constraint exist ?
Sun Jan 29 2023, 02:58:44
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You can create a construction line as the radius, or the diameter, of the circle, and set that equal to another line to set the radius or diameter.
Sun Jan 29 2023, 07:24:27
(no subject) (by Paul)
H I nt: draw a construction line, placing both ends on the circle. Select the line and the circle center point and press "o". Now you have a diameter.
Sun Jan 29 2023, 11:43:33
(no subject) (by Joe)
Thank you to both of you. It works :)

There is a tiny inconvenience. I wanted to construct a pipe. I used two circles and two construction lines as diameter. The lines I put perpentual and circle center is origin of world. Unsing difference in line I now can set the wall thickness.
Hard time starts when I try to change the wall thickness later, I just don't manage to click the number which is overlay with the worl origin point. I could open the "line difference" constraint, but didn't find where I could alter the number in the menu.

So far the constructions are small enough, that I can live with deleting and resetting the line difference constraint.
Mon Jan 30 2023, 03:05:47
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You can drag dimensions to reposition and separate them, and for diameter on the same center, drag the one that selects clear access to the other one.. Also, you can place a point on a line and on a circle, and set the distance between two points, and that way way set the wall thickness, and be able to change the diameter of the pipe while keeping the of thickness.
Mon Jan 30 2023, 08:07:17
(no subject) (by Joe)
while testing I discovered. The "length difference" drag handle is not the number, but these small dashes, that are added to the two lines. Am now able to drag the number away from origin. Origin I still can't drag away ;)

Agree the to Andrew about directly setting the distance.

As for the variable feature, I withdraw my request. I found that I can create a set of construction lines, e.g. in the reference group. With the ABC I can add construction text as description. And then later use equal to constraint. This is exactly I wanted to do with the variables, have one place where I can see all the elements that are decided and not derived.
Mon Jan 30 2023, 12:02:26
Error in Reference maybe bug ? (by Joe)

I am still at the 'how to get the variable feature using reference line segments in the first groups'.

At some point when drawing several 3D objects in multi workplanes it become cumbersome to select the reference line of another workplane. Hence I wanted to create several references but situated in different work planes.

I use Solvespace version 3.1~70bde63c on windows.

I created a horizontal line segment in XY workplane gave it length constraint.
Then I twisted the view, selected zy workplane and used New Group in Workplane. The first line is a dot now. I draw another horizontal line and twist the view again. Selecting both line seqment an adding 'equal length' constraints errors on 'unsolvable constraint'. Pressing d shows first line as 0.00 REF.

I guess there might be a funny behavior, maybe bug. Especially if the first line is kind of diagonal to new line and only the distance that is parallel to workplane is counted while doing a equal length.

Shall I add it as an issue ?

My original problem could be solved by variables or how to link the construction line length so that changing length in only one place changes it in all areas
Fri Nov 3 2023, 11:18:39, download attachment reference0.jpg
(no subject) (by Andrew)
When in sketch in 2d, Solvespace use the projection of other objects onto the sketch plane. You can however switch between sketch in 2d and anywhere in 3d, and when in 3d constraints will work as you desire, i.e line lengths equal, remember to switch back before adding geometry to the sketch.
Fri Nov 3 2023, 11:31:13
(no subject) (by ruevs)
Sat Nov 4 2023, 08:43:14
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