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Sketch of robot (by Jerry)
years ago I found the SolveSpace program on the net and immediately bought a license. I didn't really remember much about the program's capabilities, but I remembered it now because I'm trying to build a simple humanoid robot. The legs and arms consist of rods connected by electronically controlled servos instead of mechanical joints. This system reminded me of "Linkages". My question is whether it would be possible to set the joint angles in the robot sketch with data read from a file instead of manually setting individual joints with the mouse. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Best Regards,
Mon Jan 16 2023, 06:44:39
(no subject) (by Eric Buijs)
I've done some work on linkage systems in Solvespace and as far as I know all mechanical linkages have to be set manually within the Solvespace UI. There is no option to import the data from a file. Having said that I find Solvespace pretty capable to create and analyze even complex mechanical linkage systems (like robots). I've made a video in the past creating a walking beast (Strandbeest) with Solvespace.
Thu Jan 19 2023, 09:34:01
Sketch of robot (by Jerry)
Thank you for your response. Your project is remarkable and the tutorial is really nicely done, congratulations! I have already seen several "strand beests" on youtube, they are interesting constructions in any case :-)
I hope to find some time to explore the source code of the program. Maybe I'll find a way to edit it.
Best Regards,
Sun Jan 22 2023, 11:09:32
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