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Is it possible to edit a translation? (by Y. P.)
I discovered SolveSpace recently, and I think that some Russian translations are a bit strange. For example, both "Lathe" and "Revolve" are translated as "Тело Вращения", and Property Browser is almost untranslated. Can I improve a translation, and which file should I edit?
Thu Jan 12 2023, 14:20:03
(no subject) (by ruevs)
Hello. Exactly this topic got discussed in detail just a few months ago. See here:

The file to edit is

Here is an explanation how to do it:

If you are not comfortable with the tools (git, GitHub, poedit, compiler etc.) you can give your suggestions in the pull request linked at the top and I can do them.
Sat Jan 14 2023, 06:04:12
(no subject) (by ruevs)
And here are the most recent changes that came out of the discussions.

Take a look and let us know what you think.
Sat Jan 14 2023, 06:06:21
(no subject) (by Paul)
@ruevs but with recent string changes we should rerun the whatever-its-called to update the main file. ;-|
Sat Jan 14 2023, 12:59:34
(no subject) (by Y. P.)
Thank you. I have edited something, but I still haven't found where I can edit Property Browser. As far as I understand, only group names can be translated in this file. Is it possible to translate other words in it?
Sun Jan 15 2023, 14:09:49
(no subject) (by ruevs)
Wed Jan 18 2023, 14:32:32
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