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Selecting the part's origin (by Bill)
Hi there,

On "" I read:
"To create the new group, we can select the origin of the part, and choose New Group → Sketch in New Workplane."
But for the live of mine, I can't see the origin of the part, it's not displayed. And I can't find in the Reference how to display/show it.

Does anybody know where do I find how to do it?

Cheers and thanks,
Thu Jan 5 2023, 05:44:08
(no subject) (by Niklas)
The origin is the point which you selected before creating a new sketch. But yes, there is no special reference in the sketch to this point you can select. But you can still select and build constraints around this point like any other point.
Thu Jan 5 2023, 06:49:29
(no subject) (by Bill)
Thank you for Niklas.

Just to further clarify the question:

How do I display the origin of the object so that I can select it?

Thank you.
Thu Jan 5 2023, 07:48:28
(no subject) (by Niklas)
You can't. But when you zoom in and out, you may see the workplane of the sketch, whose bounds are centered around the origin.
Thu Jan 5 2023, 09:17:11
Selecting the part's origin (by Bill)
Thank you Niklas,

Does this mean, the tutorial saying "... we can select the origin of the part ..." is plain wrong?
Sun Jan 8 2023, 04:53:57
(no subject) (by Tom)
You can select the origin, same as any other point. There's just no special "select origin" command--you have to look where the origin is, and then click that point. If you can't find it, then try hiding all the groups except "g001-#references".
Sun Jan 8 2023, 12:30:16
Selecting the part's origin (by Bill)
Thank you Tom!
That's what I needed!
Sun Jan 8 2023, 23:33:16
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