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How to make the active workplane visible inside an extruded body (by Walter Cadek)
Im designing a ballbearing slider and suffer from making a workplane inside the extruded body visible for entering items.

I tried everythink I can imagine, but I could not be successful.
The new workplane is active and marked visible, all other groups are marked as not shown, but even then I cannot see the workplane inside the extruded body.
Only those parts of the entities which range outside the extruded body are visible.

Question: How can I make the active workplane visible to make scetches on it?
Sun Nov 27 2022, 09:44:30, download attachment 626ZZ_09.slvs
Mystery red lines (by Walter Cadek)
I designed blind my model so far, which is very chalenging without having the graphical representation, but at the end, the result became as I wanted.
Now i see my design marked with bold red lines which I cannot understand.

To see the redlines you need to wait at least 4 1/2 minutes! Then this red lines suddenly appeares. They cannot be removed, only changing the active workgroup disapears the reds for aprox. 4 ...5 minutes.

As far as I think, my design is correct, all dof's are fulfilled, and the design looks like i want. Pleas see the enclosed file.

What causes the red lines and what should I do to prevent this?
Sun Nov 27 2022, 14:17:45, download attachment 626ZZ_091.slvs
Naked Edges (by SS_User_1001)
Hi Walter,

When I use the Analyze > Show Naked Edges tool

The program noted 22 Problematic Edges and highlight the problem area.

I am not sure what cause your error but it appears to start around the group g005.
In group "g009-extrude_Lagerbasis_innen", I clicked the option ""force NURBS surfaces to triangle mesh" and the error goes away magically.

I tried to your model as a tutorial and it was a good challenge. for me. Thanks. I have attached my file if you want to compare.
Fri Jan 13 2023, 22:38:30, download attachment BallBearingSlider_Tutorial.slvs
(no subject) (by ruevs)
Sat Jan 14 2023, 05:58:19
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