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SolveSpace vs. FreeCAD vs. OnShape (by ruevs)
In this article:
someone compared FreeCAD, OnShape and SolveSpace by drawing the SolidWorks Model Mania 2001 challenge model:

This caused an interesting discussion on Hacker News

So I decided to redraw the model in SovleSpace. It took 18 minutes to draw and is fully parametric, so is took literally 25 seconds to do phase 2.

Here is the video:

The model is attached.
Sat Nov 19 2022, 20:37:09, download attachment
(no subject) (by Daniel Engineering Solutions)
Great tutorial and interesting articles! It sounds like the discussion in hackernews was about the same as every other discussion comparing SolveSpace to another software. Outside of fillets/bevels the software is pretty close to perfect for personal use.

I can say from experience that it's possible to work around the fillet issue 95% of the time. The other 5% it's easy enough to export the model as a .stp and add the required fillets in FreeCAD. It feels a little un-natural at first but the "quirks" to this software are really not a big deal after a bit of practice.

Thanks for sharing!
Tue Nov 22 2022, 14:22:09
(no subject) (by Hinell)
Wow that's nice comparison. Thanks for sharing mate.
Sun Nov 27 2022, 15:23:48
(no subject) (by Piotr)
Looks very nice on screen. Beeing totaly green on CAD/SolveSpace is it possible to export/print the technical drawing from this 3d model? To get the same (more or less) drawing from where you have taken the dimensions/shapes etc. ?
Mon Dec 5 2022, 15:35:12
(no subject) (by ruevs)
It is possible but it is not a simple "export". One needs to create the drawing.
See here for templates and a video tutorial in the last comment.;parent=3996&tt=1669922031
Yesterday, 17:00:05
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