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Problems with naked edges (by Drew DeVault)
I have a model (attached) which has a bunch of naked edges that are causing me problems, but I'm not sure what causes these or how to fix them. Any tips?
Mon Nov 7 2022, 08:25:19, download attachment faucet.slvs
(no subject) (by Andrew)
I managed to get a good model by creating the faucets as a separate part, and them creating the final model, see attached zip file. Note it is nor properly dimensioned, but show a way forward. Note the force to Nurbs on the link of part 1 is required to avoid problems.
Mon Nov 7 2022, 10:42:00, download attachment
(no subject) (by Drew DeVault)
I was able to create a working model from scratch as well. Not sure what the important differences ended up being. Thanks for your help!
Mon Nov 7 2022, 12:29:37
Problems with naked edges (by Walter Cadek)
Dear Drew DeVault,

I loaded your model for an analysis and found following:

In the first plane you have angles between lines of 60 degrees.

Try following:
Change the 1. angle to 50° and see what happens.
Then change the angle to 70° and see what happens.
You will see, that the constrains are not as you might expect.

I did not do further analysis, but this might help you to find underconstraints a.s.o.

I found it a good practise to design shapes in an total wrong sice/angle and then bring it to the expected form by defining constrains.

I hope I could help, at least it was the way I was successful.

Best regards
Thu Nov 17 2022, 13:26:13
(no subject) (by Walter Cadek)
Enclosed your file with changed constraints in the 1. plane
Thu Nov 17 2022, 13:40:44, download attachment faucet_c.slvs
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