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Understanding the source code big picture (by Nate T)
I'm enjoying learning Solvespace, and as I'm using it I keep thinking of how I would personally like the UI to be different. I figured I would get my feet wet by adding a dialogue box that is dedicated to toggling the "show these objects on the screen" setting for the custom styles plane I'm using.

However, I'm not a programmer, I'm an engineer who has written tons of specialized code in everything from C to fortran to VBA. I'm reasonably familiar with C++, but have no experience with GUI programming. So, I'm trying to figure out where to enter in to reading and understanding the source code.

What I've looked at so far looks very clean and well-written, BTW; I just don't know how it all works together. Maybe I just need a good tutorial that builds a simple app using the same architecture and libraries as Solvespace. Any pointers?

Nate Thern
Fri Oct 28 2022, 14:42:26
(no subject) (by Paul)
Nate, solvespace may be a poor choice of app to practice GUI programming. You mention adding a dialog box with some functionality. Solvespace does not have any such dialog boxes, nor does it use much of any GUI toolkit.

Most stuff like that is handled in the text window. You can find a lot of that in describescreen.cpp and textscreens.cpp but none of that is standard GUI code.

Most notable is the use of custom format strings for printing to the text window.

Maybe this will help point to in the right direction.
Fri Oct 28 2022, 20:41:42
(no subject) (by ruevs)
Nate, in addition to what Paul explained, issues marked with "documentation" on GitHub contain some information. Mostly user, but also some developer oriented.
Fri Oct 28 2022, 21:55:00
(no subject) (by ruevs)
Fri Oct 28 2022, 21:58:18
(no subject) (by Vicky)
I really love describescreen though. You can customize the screen the way you want without going through pain of setting the GUI as the way we do in another frameworks.

Was such alternate of modern GUI common before in c++ applications?
Tue Nov 1 2022, 14:55:43
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