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How to fix a scetch on a workplane? (by Walter Cadek)
I designed a solid by extruding a 1. sketch.
On Top of the solid, I created a workplane and draw a scetch on Workplane.
Then I want to create a pyramide based on the scetch on Workplane.
But when I made a Line in 3D starting from a scosspoint on the workplane,
the starting point moves apart when changing the angle or just the length of this line.

So the question is: How can I fix the scetch on the Workplane?
Or How can I fix the starting point of the line?
Mon Oct 3 2022, 05:17:16
(no subject) (by Andrew)
There are two possible ways of avoiding your problems.

One is to draw the outline including the rounded corners from lines and arcs, this will give an exact shape with tangent connections between sides and corners.

Two, is to do as you have, but avoid a tangent at the corner face junction by making the diameter of the cutting arc slightly large, like 0.04 on diameter, as per attached sketch. This is useful if rounding edges created by the extrude. The attached model show this applied to 3 edges meeting at a corner..
Mon Oct 3 2022, 09:09:47, download attachment extrude_test.slvs
(no subject) (by John Freking)
Thank you Andrew for the reply. I was hoping there would be a command that would do this. In the case of my example your solution is the easiest, but if the beginning sketch is very complicated the user will need to redo their work. I tried three different methods for a work around but I wasn't able to find a suitable solution.
First, I tried to change left half of the shape to construction lines and extrude the right half and then I toggled the construction lines to the right half and extruded the left, This caused both extrudes to occur on the left half.
Next, I tried to copy and paste each half but this moved the copies to a new location on the plane which would cause issues if this shape is a piece of the larger component.
Finally, I just make a new workplane on top of the original, but I still have to recreate all the elements of the sketch, although I do have a template in brown lines.
Wed Oct 5 2022, 09:08:38
(no subject) (by Walter Cadek)
Hello Andrew, hello John Freking,
I think you exchanged the thread you are answering.

Just one comment from John belongs to my question:
"Finally, I just make a new workplane on top of the original, but I still have to recreate all the elements of the sketch, although I do have a template in brown lines."

I get the feeling, the brown lines from earlier groups are sometimes valid, for example when creating the workplane, or a crosspoint, but in future, when starting lines based on this, this constrains are no longer valid.
Can you confirm such a behavior?

By the way, the videos:
and following till playlistPosition=16 are very helpful.
Thanks for these links in this forum.
Sun Oct 9 2022, 15:20:18
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