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Extracting board outlines for CNC cutting (by Franck)

I'm a beginner in CAD and I find SolveSpace extremely approachable. I got stuck with everything else I tried, and then SolveSpace has been a real pleasure to work with. Kudos to everyone!

So I have made a model of a cabinet which is about complete, now I need to export the outlines of the boards for sending the order to the plywood shop for CNC cutting.

A few parts have cutouts but otherwise it's mostly rectangular pieces, so a good start would be to extract those, and the bounding rectangles of parts with cutouts.

Looks like the STEP file is what I want, but Google failed me trying to find a tool to process that (other than viewing). The STEP file looks good in "CAD Assistant" showing the right surfaces etc.

Is there a tool for this step (I am on Linux)?

Looking at the .step file looks like I could hack together an extractor taking the points, BOUNDED_SURFACES, flattening by finding the constant axis for each part (all my parts are in the ortho planes), filter out the "narrow" surfaces (edges of boards), and the duplicates (both sides of the same board) and something might come out of it, but before I reinvent a rough square wheel, is there an existing tool that can be used here?
Wed Sep 21 2022, 10:38:59
(no subject) (by Paul)
Toward the bottom of the reference:

Look for Export and then 2d section. There are a few ways to do it but probably selecting a face and then File->Export 2d section is what you want. If you have your own CNC you can (I think) even export to file type G Code for direct use with your CNC - that's what the g-code options are for in the config screen.
Wed Sep 21 2022, 10:53:15
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