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IGES Format Import (by Daniel Engineering Solutions)
Hey guys, I stumbled upon the IGES format today and did a little bit of digging on how it differs from STEP. It seems significantly easier than trying to decode all of the different STEP formats. Has there been an interest/effort to incorporate that into the software before? It seems at the level of coding I may be able to actually be useful at it.
Tue Sep 20 2022, 16:31:40
(no subject) (by Paul)
Would you want to import entities into a drawing, or link the IGES file like an assembly?

Importing has would have the problem of leaving all the entities free to move around unless IGES include constraints.

By all means have try at implementing something like this. If you want you could open a github issue as well to discuss details.
Wed Sep 21 2022, 14:41:52
(no subject) (by Daniel Engineering Solutions)
My basic understanding is that IGES includes all the dimensions required to rebuild the part, in a quasi-human readable fashion. I think that would mean it's fully constrained, but I'm not confident on that.

I think even being able to just link the part like an assembly would be a huge boost in capability, since you can download parts from places like McMaster-Carr in the IGES format.

Sounds good, I'll try to get some time this weekend to take a look at it. I'll try to create a github issue as well so that more folks can work on it if they like.
Fri Sep 23 2022, 11:49:38
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