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Geometry missing from imported part (by Jeremy Fitzhardinge)
I have a very simple part consisting of two cylinders (extruded circles) joined with a bend (rotated circle), with a couple of chunks cut out (subtractive extrusions). This reports nurb errors (and is not closed), so I triangulate it.

This is fine in isolation, but when I import it into another file, all the geometry is missing. If I remove the triangulation, it has geometry, but it is broken.

I can generate an stl from the original (triangulated) part, and it seems fine. I can also import the stl, but that lacks all the features to use as reference.

It all seems to work as expected if I remove all the subtractive features.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?
Sun Sep 11 2022, 16:54:18, download attachment hook.slvs
(no subject) (by Andrew)
While both files re needed for someone to look at the problem, put them in a zip file, it is worth trying checking 'force NURBS surfaces to triangle mesh' in the import group.

I have had similar problems, and it looks like the force is not being carried through on an import.
Sun Sep 11 2022, 19:37:47
(no subject) (by Jeremy Fitzhardinge)
Oh, thanks, that was exactly it.
Sun Sep 11 2022, 19:52:57
(no subject) (by ruevs)
Wed Sep 14 2022, 15:42:41
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