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Editing linked part from assembly file. (by Vicky)
Editing linked part from assembly file.

I know this is currently not possible as all parts are copied into the assembly file. But whenever i am able to get free time from my current project, i would like to explore the opportunity to make this work.

User should be able to make changes to the sketch of all linked files from assembly, and changes should reflect in original file.

Someone suggested previously that we can sketch a component and extrude in assembly, this is not convenient in my opinion as you can only apply post sketch features such as extrude or revolve, we cannot modify sketch dimensions or make changes to any sketch entities.

Woking on solidworks for last 10 years makes me miss this feature a lot.

Any thoughts on how I should proceed with this ?
Sat Sep 10 2022, 13:02:04
(no subject) (by Paul)
Do some reading on github issues like hierarchical sketches. Read the code. On big problem is that solvespace has a global sketch object, so can only have one sketch loaded at a time. There is a lot more to it than just that, but I'm more of a geometry guy myself so haven't looked too deep at this challenge.
Sat Sep 10 2022, 14:56:50
(no subject) (by Andrew)
With Solvespace, you cannot see later groups when earlier groups are selected for editing, so there is little advantage to being able to edit import groups would only help to dimension to an existing entity. What I have found more useful is to define dimensions in a construction sketch, which can be imported to control dimensions in multiple part files. Apart from the minor requirement of opening and saving dependent files, this approach makes it easier to keep components in their own file,
Sat Sep 10 2022, 18:13:03
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