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An interesting CAD UI experiment using the SolveSpace solver (by ruevs)
Mon Aug 1 2022, 15:08:50
(no subject) (by Vicky)
Really liked what you did there. It just needs a little practice and once through, it will be lot faster then mouse selection
Tue Aug 2 2022, 15:56:21
(no subject) (by Paul)
I really like the perpendicular and equal length constraint gestures.

He has the simplicity of only drawing lines and circles, so no need for a toolbar. I think that's cheating. I could see something that defaults to splines to approximate a hand drawn sketch (this exists in inkscape IIRC), but then allows you to select portions of it to turn into lines or arcs in a way similar to applying constraints.

It would be easy to add point-circle horizontal and vertical constraints to Solvespace and I think that might be useful. A good first issue for someone ;-)

I was just thinking about my Wacom tablet a couple days ago, but haven't tried it with Solvespace as-is yet.

Nice video, thanks for the link ruevs!
Wed Aug 3 2022, 13:28:25
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