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What are "group requests" (by Marcin)
It is mentioned in the Group documentation that "The group's page in the text window also includes a list of all requests, and of all constraints. To identify a constraint or a request, hover the mouse over its name"

But I couldn't find any information about "requests" in groups. Could you elaborate on what are these and update the documentation?
Sat Jul 23 2022, 22:25:42
(no subject) (by Paul)
From the source code:

"Implementation of our Request class; a request is a user-created thing that will generate an entity (line, curve) when the sketch is generated, in the same way that other entities are generated automatically, like by an extrude or a step and repeat."

If I'm not mistaken, the entire sketch can be created purely from "requests". They are essentially user requests to create a thing. Like the code comment says, some things are created when you perform an extrusion or revolve. I'm not sure if "extrude" itself is a request - it creates a new group.

I have not looked at how "undo/redo" is implemented, but it is not very invasive and doesn't store a lot of information. I think it mostly works on the lists of requests.

I'm not a CS major and haven't studied all the design patterns, but I think this is closely related to the "Command Pattern":
Mon Jul 25 2022, 09:50:09
Re: What are "group requests" (by Marcin)
Interesting. Thanks for the answer.
Fri Jul 29 2022, 22:14:28
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