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Cylinder Problem (by Andrew McIntyre)
I am trying to model a sleeve with an ID of 19mm and an OD of 35mm - length is 57mm. The sleeve is required as a spacer between a drive-axle and wheel on a small powered truck.
All goes well until the final step. I can't find any way to "Sketch in New Workplane" which I need to do to insert a 35mm long groove for the 4 x 4 key that locks the sleeve to the drive-axle.
Any help gratefully received!
I attach the svls file showing where I have got to together with a .pdf that shows the component in a 2D cad drawing.
Fri Jul 22 2022, 14:32:19, download attachment KEYED WHEEL INSERT B.pdf
Missing file (by Andrew McIntyre)
Somehow the slvs file I thought I had included got omitted so I am attaching it now . . .
Fri Jul 22 2022, 16:11:17, download attachment AXEL SLEEVE.slvs
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You can place a point on the desired drawing plane, using a construction line of useful See attached modified model which has a couple of key ways added.
Fri Jul 22 2022, 20:44:19, download attachment Modfied_AXELSLEEVE.slvs
(no subject) (by Andrew McIntyre)
Ahh - that's it!

Thank you!
Sat Jul 23 2022, 07:53:50
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