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Internal draft or chamfer (by Steve)
How can I create an internal draft along the line highlighted in the attached screen shot? I am designing a part for 3d print and creating drafts to internal cut outs where the face of the cut out faces the print bed makes printing the parts easier. The alternative is to use 3d printed supports when printing but I prefer to avoid those when possible.

I'm thinking of using a revolve extrusion, but I'm not sure how do so. Such as, where/how do I place the "new sketch on new plane"?

The source file is the same as attached on github:
Sun Jul 10 2022, 20:31:37, download attachment Screenshot from 2022-07-10 19-15-55.png
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Revolving a conic section is the way to go. Solvespace creates new drawing plane with an origin at a selected point and parallel to the nearest origin plane, so rotate you view to look the edge of you object with the center point of the hole selected.. You can draw the section outside the object and move into position at the end, and/or suppress the solid model of the extrusion. in its property browser.
Mon Jul 11 2022, 04:59:12
(no subject) (by PAUL H KAHLER)

You may find this comment on github helpful:

The approach allows you to create the lathe group for the hole *outside* the solid and then go back and move it in. Another way is to suppress the solid model so you can see to make the profile sketch in place.

Also, you can use step-translate after creating the hole to create another just like it.
Mon Jul 11 2022, 13:36:51
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