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SolveSpace Review From a FreeCAD User (by ruevs)
An interesting review of SolveSpace from a FreeCAD user:
Wed Jul 6 2022, 09:03:05
interesting! (by rpavlik)
Indeed, that is very interesting! More or less in line with what I've found: FreeCAD can do fillets and chamfers, but for other things SolveSpace is usually smoother.

It's a good point about plane to workplane, one of those missing-stairs I have just learned to work around. Hardest part would be auto picking a point on the plane as the origin, I imagine.

I also agree that being able to offset after-the-fact is a missing feature: I've adjusted my workflow so I usually don't hit it, but it can be a huge pain.

Solvespace has been getting a lot better at auto-avoiding redundant auto-constraints, so I don't hit redundant problems often, except when I'm trying to step-translate or step-rotate.

The "easy improvements" do sound worthwhile, though I'm not sure the first is super easy. I've mainly played with the internals of the data structures, etc, rather than the rendering.)
Wed Jul 6 2022, 12:20:30
(no subject) (by Paul)
What is the use for offsetting the sketch plane?

As for sketch-on-face there is a lot written as about it in issue #423 here:

I also largely agree with the review. He does a good job explaining why people like solvespace in spite of some limitations.

Unfortunately he missed the "CAM tool" for exporting gcode. In solvespace fashion it's not a tool at all, you just use File->export 2d section and select gcode as the file type. Or something like that ;-)
Thu Jul 7 2022, 11:28:56
(no subject) (by rpavlik)
The use for offsetting or otherwise changing where a group is based, is mostly for changing your mind: you started making something directly on another thing, but then decide you want clearance, or a thicker wall, etc. It was a huge pain when I was new to SolveSpace and this kind of CAD in general, but I've learned to be more careful with where I attach my groups, and also typically do a group or two with dimension sketches at the beginning and build on those.

Yeah I never know what the gcode thing is for, seems like for a laser cutter or cnc router maybe, neither of which I have, and my vinyl cutter doesn't take gcode...
Fri Jul 8 2022, 10:48:57
(no subject) (by ruevs)
Moving the origin of a workplane is something I never needed - either I plan too well, or I have never drawn something truly complex :-D

However one thing can not be denied - in SolveSpace we have an (old) open issue for most of the interesting missing features :-D
Fri Jul 8 2022, 18:22:42
(no subject) (by goney3)
I enjoyed that review, as a new CAD person in general I have been having more "fun" with SolveSpace than FreeCAD, as it is far more intuitive and quicker to pick up. However I really miss the ability to chamfer/fillet stuff to make it look cool lol

I am glad SolveSpace turns RED and prevents me from making more boneheaded newbie mistakes. Thank you to the active developer community keeping this project alive! ♥
Tue Aug 16 2022, 11:16:10
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