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Arc Length (by Ektor)

I was doing some modeling to make it easier to make a "gendarme hat" for plumbing.

But I realized that it was not possible to take arc length.

I made a capture of the result on solvespace and qcad

Is it possible to add this function in the measurement option?

thank you 
Thu Jun 23 2022, 06:20:08, download attachment screenshot.51.jpg
(no subject) (by Paul)
Unless I missed it there is no arc length constraint. You can set an arc and line to equal length and then set the line to a specific length. That gets the geometry right but doesn't make a very nice drawing.
Thu Jun 23 2022, 08:34:38
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Following on from Paul's comment, you can put a construction line somewhere on the drawing, set it equal to the arc, and ask for a reference dimension, <shift> d and its length display will track the arc length. That is a useful approach if the ends of the arc, and its diameter are all fixed, and you want to measure, rather than set the arc length.
Thu Jun 23 2022, 16:06:36
(no subject) (by Paul)
If you select the arc, its length should be shown in the property browser.
Thu Jun 23 2022, 19:44:08
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