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I added Comment and edit for dimension, useful? (by Vicky)
I was working on modifying property browser for my own use-case and added comment and edit functionality for constraints, do you think its useful to modify value and add comments for other users as well?
Sat Jun 18 2022, 16:18:33, download attachment DimensionComment.PNG
(no subject) (by Paul)

Before going down that path I think you should have a look at:

And in particular Evil-Spirits video here:

A while back I rebased those patches to master here:

But that doesn't automatically rebase to master now. This is a very old and very popular request. It's also a bit incomplete, so if you really want to dig in to solvespace code some help on this would be very welcome. Given the importance of named parameters I think your addition of a comment is premature or even redundant given where we'd like to go.

Sun Jun 19 2022, 17:45:43
(no subject) (by Paul)
I should also say that I like the look of what you did on the drawing here!
Sun Jun 19 2022, 18:01:47
(no subject) (by Vicky)
Thank you for the links, I could see that Alexy did a good job there but not convenient to be able to merge because of solvespace file format, requiring the addition of certain variables.

At the moment I wanted to name a variable to search it conveniently in the C# wrapper, but it would be nice to fetch the value of the variable based on the name and use it for numerical calculations. I'll try this soon and will update if able to code it.
Mon Jun 20 2022, 07:49:39
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