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View workplane hidden by lathe & thanks (by Ariel)

new to Solvespace, but I could already do some (not so trivial) nice model. Thanks a lot to the developers for the amazing tool!! :-)

I am blocked by an issue though: in the attached part i created a new sketch group AFTER i had created a lathed object (g003 in the attached file) of a former sketch (g002). The new sketch (g007) is "inside" the lathed object, and Solvespace hides my view of g007 with the lathed g003 and g005 even if i untick these groups.

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks a lot!
Fri Jun 17 2022, 04:10:32, download attachment part.slvs
(no subject) (by Ariel)
Just to clarify my own text: i need to edit/fix g007, and i can only view the sketch objects if i tilt the model to view it through the base/hole of the bigger cylinder.
Fri Jun 17 2022, 04:17:56
(no subject) (by Andrew)
In the property browser for a group, there is a tick box option to hide the groups solid model, which the allows you to see inside an object, You can use this to hide the lathe groups solid of revolution.
Fri Jun 17 2022, 05:37:19
(no subject) (by Paul)
To clarify what Andrew said, you have to select the group from the list first. The checkbox in the list is only for the groups sketch elements. The checkbox to hide the solid model is within the group-specific page.

In the home screen (group list) the hidden groups name will be greyed so it's easy to find it when you want to make it visible again.
Fri Jun 17 2022, 06:08:41
(no subject) (by Ariel)
Thanks Andrew & Paul!

Not so obvious, but simple once told :-)

However, still not seeing the sketch objects unless I tilt the axis to see the part from below (through the "hole"), even if now the solid model is not shown at all. The solid model is kind of "complete black/opaque".
I'm actually using version 3.0 (Debian), could it be that there is some bug which was then fixed in 3.1?
Sat Jun 18 2022, 17:09:10
(no subject) (by Andrew)
To see a sketch, you need to have it shown, and you have them hidden.
Sun Jun 19 2022, 10:40:50
(no subject) (by Ariel)
Thanks Andrew, i got it working now :-)

I think it would be really helpful/more clear/faster to operate to have the "suppress this group's solid model" tickbox on the main property browser.
Mon Jun 20 2022, 03:12:02
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