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Custom export script - CLI based (by Vicky)
I am trying to create a custom export script. This script at the moment is no different than Solvespace-cli which helps in exporting from a different views.

I am creating an empty file and loading linked files, triangle, and cylinder in this case. The linked files get loaded and even keep their position, however, a duplicate of the same is created and remains at the center. The wireframe of the same takes its original position but does not have hidden line removal. Am I doing a mistake while linking files, why don't they create a non-transparent view at their respective location? Any help will be appreciated.
Tue Jun 14 2022, 08:22:27, download attachment slvsexport.PNG
A more detailed image of above problem (by Vicky)
A more detailed image of above problem
Tue Jun 14 2022, 08:27:33, download attachment slvsexport.PNG
When open with solvespace (by Vicky)
When I open it with solve space and export, it gets exported correctly as it is shown on screen.
Tue Jun 14 2022, 08:31:47, download attachment solvespace correct view.PNG
Problem solved (by Vicky)
Problem solved, it was because of files mixed from new and old version of solvespace inside "Solvespace/src/srf" directory. It was my own mistake.
Tue Jun 14 2022, 18:52:27
(no subject) (by ruevs)
So you are modifying solvespace-cli to export in a custom way? If you think it may be useful for a wider audience you can open a pull request. Or share the idea.
Wed Jun 15 2022, 10:12:04
(no subject) (by Vicky)
Yes, I am doing a custom script. I am making a wrapper to export most of the functionalities. I will definitely create a pull request after I have tested it.
Thu Jun 16 2022, 06:41:41
Solvespace - Unity experiment (by Vicky)
I was trying to make a wrapper in C# for using solvespace hidden line removal and transformation properties.

A little demo of what is achieved so far. Please click the link to watch the video.
Thu Jun 16 2022, 11:21:47
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