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Vase construction gone dead end (by Joe A)

I want to construct a kind of vase, that fits in a specific space. I already manged to get two close shapes (thin plates) which fit the top and middle of the vase (space). Now how to make it a vase.

One solution should be to extrude the bottom (smaller) shape up and the top a bit down and put that together, but I woult like not only two steps.

I tried to draw lines from top to bottom shape, but don't know how to make the full thing sollid. Clicking in the middle and saying "this and all around is solid" would be a function that would help.

The other idea is to draw each side of the vase independently (then not in xy, but other plane). Is it possible to add two lines and select two lines from an existing shape and then make them a closed shape, that can be exturded ??

Poiners what to read up on and how to approach the construction are highly appreciated.

Attached the current construction, more for entertainment value...

Wed Jun 8 2022, 08:16:18, download attachment 2plane3crop.png
(no subject) (by ruevs)
The top "plate" is a hexagon, the bottom one is an octagon. What do you imagine the "wall" surface connecting them should look like?
Wed Jun 8 2022, 14:45:45
(no subject) (by Paul)
All methods of creating solid geometry involve making a 2d sketch followed by an eXtrude, Lathe, reVolve, or Helix operation. These can be combined via boolean operations, or replicated by step Translating or step Rotating operations.

There is no method to create a solid from arbitrary lines in 3D
Wed Jun 8 2022, 20:04:52
(no subject) (by ruevs)
By random chance today I stumbled upon this shape
Joe A - in case you were aiming for something like that - it will be nearly impossible to draw in SolveSpace.
Thu Jun 9 2022, 03:47:59
(no subject) (by ruevs)
Thu Jun 9 2022, 04:06:26
(no subject) (by ruevs)

By the way if all faces are flat, any of these shapes can be modeled in SolveSpace with some ingenuity. If the faces are not flat...
Thu Jun 9 2022, 04:15:09
(no subject) (by Joe A)
wow, ruevs you caused me a multiple youtube-watch-spiral with that fascinating Scutoid.

Well, no, I am not that genius it is really just me trying to get a kind of vase, that fits in a specific outside shape and not having a clue how to model it.

Thank you Paul, I will read up on these operations.

By now I managed to draw two rectangulars, one in XY other in YZ plane. Both I could (extrude and) move with the mouse to be next to each other. I could use parrallel and symmetry constraints, but failed to contraint them to be in "same location". Somehow I would like to click on one line of the one and line of the other and make a constraint 'same line'.

The distance constraint for two points might also be fitting, but somehow solvespace tells me it is a reference rather than a constraint. Is it me or solvespace that should think different ?
Thu Jun 9 2022, 06:09:11, download attachment TwoPointConstraintcrop.png
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