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DOFs left but no underconstrained points (by cmpxchg)
Attached a cupholder-adapter to clamp aroud a mate-bottle to fit a car cupholder.

It features a difference operation of an assembly and/or union (tubering+ridge), with subtractive part being pizza-slices extruded, then step-rotated coincident with the tube outer edge. (I could perhaps reverse that order)
I cannot modify the design to output an error-free STL file, but prusaslicer 2.4 can render it without repair, so in practice it works and I shouldn't complain.
- I cannot find the remaining two DOFs in g008-sketch-in-plane - where are they ?
- When removing two parallel constraints in g008-sketch-in-plane, a lot more red geometry appears. How does that work, the points themselves do not move in that case, or is the solver that runs again and changes everything slightly ?
Sat Jun 4 2022, 10:40:38, download attachment cupholder.slvs
a guess (by Joe A)
In the analyse menu there is a "show unconstrained points"
Attached the picture how it looks then, maybe it helps.
Wed Jun 8 2022, 09:30:49, download attachment ShowUnconstraintPointsCrop.png
(no subject) (by cmpxchg)
thanks Joe, I found the lighting conditions of my screen were not suited to spot the underconstrained points and fixed it.
Thu Jun 9 2022, 13:19:00
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