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ROunding off edges (by David B)
New to SolveSpace, and much impressed by how easy it was to create a shape out of lines and curves and extrude it. Compared to other CAD packages, this constraint orientation is great.

But I have no idea how to round off the edges of an extruded shape, so would much appreciate some tips.

If it helps, here is an example made with OpenSCAD.
Fri May 13 2022, 01:57:02, download attachment Merge.png
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You will need to difference operations to create the edges. It is worth noting that the arcs that create the actual rounding may nee to be created a small distance (0.001) outside the tangent surfaces to avoid solver problems, and you may need to force NURBS surfaces to triangle mesh as well. But basically draw an arc to define the curve, and a box to give it volume outside the model model, and do a difference extrude.
Fri May 13 2022, 07:45:05
(no subject) (by Daniel Engineering Solutions)
Adding fillets to a part like the one you linked to is a bit of a pain. I've been trying to develop a workflow that makes it as easy as possible but I haven't been able to get there quite yet.

The best thing I can recommend if the fillets are important, is to export the part as a .step file and import it into FreeCAD. Add the fillets in FreeCAD and then export the model again. The only issue with that workflow is that once the model is modified in FreeCAD you won't be able to convert it back into a .slvs file.
Mon May 16 2022, 10:32:48
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