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Scaling sketch (by Adam)

Solvespace is great tool for me (cnc operator) but need two options, scaling and rotate geometry in sketch, please add this functions to solvespace.

Best regards.
Fri Apr 22 2022, 05:21:22
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Copy and paste transformed allows rotation and scaling. If required, the original sketch elements can be deleted leaving the transformed version as the new sketch.
Fri Apr 22 2022, 06:03:43
(no subject) (by Paul)
Or save a sketch. Then create a new, empty file and link the other sketch. You can apply scale and translation, and can link more than once. Not sure if those copies can all be in the same group though.
Fri Apr 22 2022, 09:14:20
(no subject) (by cmpxchg)
@Paul linking can be found under the 'new group' menu, each copy gets its own group number and name that refers to the linked object.
Sat Apr 23 2022, 06:18:19
(no subject) (by Paul)
@cmpxchg My concern with linking multiple copies is that Adam is doing CNC stuff and I'm not sure if it will generate the g-code tool path he needs when linking multiple copies into separate groups. If not, that is something we should fix.
Sat Apr 23 2022, 09:02:48
(no subject) (by cmpxchg)
What of the sequence-of-groups concept remains present in the generated outputs of solvespace ?
- Export 3D wireframe (step, dxf)
- Export 3D mesh (STL mesh, wavefront OBJ mesh)
- Export 3D surfaces (step only)
Sun Apr 24 2022, 04:13:42
Re: Post Before Last (by Thovthe)
Are you saying that solvespace has some sort of g-code/path generation capability? This is barely mentioned in the reference. I though it was just saying that you could use the mesh in other CAM software.
Wed May 11 2022, 10:30:15
(no subject) (by Paul)
@Thovthe. Yes, it can output g-code from a 2d sketch. There are some options in the config screen including cutter radius. It might also be possible to slap a workplane on a 3d model and export a 2d section, but I'm not sure. I've never used the feature myself.

We also talked briefly on github about having a g-code template file so you could keep machine specific stuff in that. I thought someone might implement that but I've not heard anything since then.
Wed May 11 2022, 12:20:59
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