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exporting to stl crashes the program (by danix)
Hello everyone,
I use solvespace on linux and I'm trying to export to stl a small piece I designed to test print it, but during the export the cpu goes to 100% for a minute and then the program gets killed by the oom_killer.. I have no Idea as to what may be the problem as the piece has no interfering parts and the mesh is watertight with no problematic edges. Also, I've esported much bigger pieces without problems.

I've attached the file in case anyone wants to test it.

Thanks a lot in advance
Tue Apr 12 2022, 15:25:55, download attachment wand-holder.slvs
(no subject) (by Andrew)
The stl exported on Manjaro with no problems using version 3 of solvespace. The stl is attached. More information like, Distro and Solvespace version might might be useful for others to help you.
Tue Apr 12 2022, 16:21:26, download attachment wand-holder.stl
(no subject) (by Paul)
You might try changing your export chord tolerance. It should be set to your needs, but changing it may have an effect.

If you have not checked "force nurbs to triangle mesh" it really should not fail.
Tue Apr 12 2022, 23:01:17
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