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Sketch on Round/Tilted Surface.. (by Abdul)
I want to make a 3d model of the attached jpeg. The outer straight side of the knob is tilted 1.8 degree from the center vertical line. I have made the the knob with long cuts but can't figure out how to do the etching in the middle of the knob which seems to be a boolean cut. Please note that outer straight surface is actually 1.8 degree tilted to tinside on the top.

The image and model is attached.
Fri Dec 31 2021, 11:35:12, download attachment
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You need to sketch on a plane. For the numbers, create a n-agon, whee n is the number of numbers, t the base of the part. Then with sketch in 3d, create lines on the round face at the center line of the numbers. You can select a point, and the two lines to define a sloped plane on which to sketch the numbers. See attached modified drawing, where one number has been added.
Fri Dec 31 2021, 14:22:53, download attachment RadiatorKnob1_with_num.slvs
(no subject) (by Abdul)
Thanks for your response. I think I missed something. You added two sketches one with n-agon around the base circle and a perpendicular line to it upwards. Another one with nothing in it and showing an error "not closed contour, or not all same style!". I can see a text object with value of "1" but I can't see it and then extrude again showing an error. May be I am using a different version of solvespace form the one you used to add sketches and extrude.

While I was writing this message this occured to me that I din't explain well what I was looking for. I think you mistook it for the numbers showing on the knob. If this what you tried to explain then I am sorry for explaining it proerply.

If you have a look at the jpeg there is a pocket showing above the numbers at the alingment as the long holes. And that pocket starts at the upper curve and vanish as it goies upwards.

That is the pocket I want to create and can't figure out how to sketch it.

Sorry again for not explaing it properly.

Fri Dec 31 2021, 15:38:57
(no subject) (by Andrew)
I thought you meant the numbers. I am using version 3 under Linux, You may want to go into the text object and set a font available on your system.

For the pockets you want, you can create a skew workplane. With version 3, there is a revolve group, which is a lathe for less than 360 degrees of rotation. You can also turn of the solid model, and draw the section of the pocket on one of its walls, I would add construction lines where you create the slots to define where those walls are, After extrusion, there is a corner on the desired plane where selecting the point, and the two lines can be used to create the sketch plane.

The attached drawing should give you a start, you need to deal with the details.
Fri Dec 31 2021, 16:57:33, download attachment RadiatorKnob1_pocketed.slvs
(no subject) (by Abdul)
Thanks a million for the tip. A skewed workplane was not needed. But I would like to know how to create a skewed/tilted workplane in 3D with precision.

I know how to create using cunstruction lines. I haave already added a feature request to bind revolving the design with keyboard shortcut keys. I suggested Numpad keys to bind with. Is there any other easy way to precisely revolve the design and create a workplane in 3D?

Fri Dec 31 2021, 18:05:08
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You can draw construction lines and points in 3d, and constrain them against any plane vector, line etc. That last demo drawing has a skewed plane, as the pocket section is drawn rotated round the Y axis and its sketch plane is not parallel to any of the basis planes., That is the reason that I added those construction lines in g004. you can draw a line and constrain its angle relative to a vector
Fri Dec 31 2021, 19:39:07
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