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Replace component in large assembly (by SSuser)
In a larger project, I needed to re-model an existing component. This component was "linked" into a larger assembly, at a relatively early step in the project.

I tried to achieve the changes by editing the component without deleting any elements, but this turned out to be too complicated.

Now, if I delete the original component and add the new one instead, I will lose all edits that I did later. At least that is what I think will happen, or I don't know how to prevent this.

Is there a way to do such "surgery" in a larger model without losing all other work? Specifically, to remove a part without losing all subsequently edits? It would be great if the parts added later would at least "stay where they were", and one could then add the constraints that were lost with the deletion.
Sun Dec 26 2021, 04:32:48
(no subject) (by Andrew)
How much you lose will depend on how much is dependent on that component. With a complex project there are several things which can make life easier. Use a construction drawing to set ruling or common dimensions, and draw as much as independent parts as possible, as rebuilding an assembly is much easier than remaking components.

With assemblies, you can insert a new component anywhere in the list of group, like the group before the one you want to replace, You can hide the one you want to replace, including is solid model, and work through the rest of the assembly removing constraints to the old component and replacing them with constraints to the new one. You can the delete the old version, with undo being your friend if you have missed anything.

If you have any sketches dependent on the component you wish to replace, you could just hide it and its solid model. However is any sketch position needs to change, you will have to edit that component to move the sketch to the right place. You could simplify that component to turn it into a construction entity setting up critical points and dimension lines.
Sun Dec 26 2021, 06:07:20
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