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Gratitude. (by Rudi)
Just want to say thank you for all the developers.
Use the software every day. Its a blessing.
Wed Dec 15 2021, 14:16:31
Gratitude. +1 (by Jason)
Agreed. I don't use it every day, however when I do need CAD it's been my go to application ever since I learned about it a few years back. My first impression was flawed in that I assumed it was only for simple / basic CAD projects. It's quite powerful (deceptively so).
Tue Dec 21 2021, 10:44:51
(no subject) (by Trav)
I'm also thankful. Great software! I recommend it every chance I get.
Sun Jan 9 2022, 17:15:30
Agreed! (by N. Christopher Perry)
I've been using Solvespace for years and have found it to be a great tool. I too really appreciate all the people that help to keep this tool maintained and improve it.
Mon Jan 10 2022, 14:41:57
Contributing (by N. Christopher Perry)
How might I make a contribution to our great developers?
Mon Jan 10 2022, 14:50:53
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
N. Christopher Perry - Thanks, we're glad that you liked it. For various reasons, we don't currently accept donations; please just tell your friends, and consider donating to other free software projects that you value.
Mon Jan 10 2022, 15:46:09
Congratulations (by Davide D'Angelo)
I want to say a big thank you for this software.
I usually work with solidworks, but i'm looking for linux 3d parametric cad since 2005...
I know Freecad, but I find it too unstable...

I just found Solve space, which I didn't find before, and I think it is simple and that just works!
How long is this project alive?

Going on with my learning path..
How one can contribute in developement?
Tue Jan 11 2022, 13:14:41
(no subject) (by ruevs)
SolveSpace was started 13 years ago in may 2008 by Jonathan Westhues and written entirely by him until version 2.0 in 2013 when he released it as open source.

After that it was maintained for many years (until the end of 2020) by Whitequark.

Instructions how to build SolveSpace are here

And there is a

The first commit

The first open source release

SolveSpace "inherits" SketchFlat - Jonathan's (now very old) 2d constraint based drawing application
Thu Jan 13 2022, 15:54:56
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