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Change the workplane of an existing sketch (by Christof Schwiening)
Dear All, I wonder if anyone can help. I have a part which includes several sketches, rotations and extrusions that are now no longer needed and are 'switched-off'. I would like to delete them to simplify the part which requires further work. But, deleting those sketches also removes other sketches presumably because they are dependent in some way. I can hunt down and remove the various constraints within later sketches that refer to the defunct sketches I want to delete. But, I am left with the problem of sketches that occur on workplanes resulting from the extrusions of defunct sketches (or are tied to their origins). Can I redefine the default workplane of an existing sketch?
Tue Sep 28 2021, 09:08:48
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You vannot delete a group that is being used to constrain other groups without those groups also being deleted. What you can do is 'suppress this groups solid model' in the properties for the group, and un-tick shown in the top level property browser. Doing that hides all parts of the group, while allowing it to constrain latter sketches. This applies to link/assemble groups. allowing a part to be designed to fit an existing part, and pick up any subsequent changes to the existing part.

Suppress solid model can be used on a difference extrude, turning the cutting action on and off, useful for sketching on pocket walls etc, or producing variants of a part.
Tue Sep 28 2021, 10:04:10
(no subject) (by Christof Schwiening)
Yes, I am currently suppressing those sketches and extrusions - but, I want to delete them as they are cluttering the list of groups. I guess it is not possible. At one point Ryan Widi demonstrated a version that could redefine workplanes - see his YouTube video here: but I don't think it ever got incorporated. I don't know what happened to the code.
Tue Sep 28 2021, 10:12:30
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