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Duplicte objects ? (by Jaroslav Kopal)
How to duplicate a 2D or 3D object?
Fri Sep 17 2021, 15:14:17
(no subject) (by app4soft)
Its really depend on what you want duplicated object should be in a result.

In 2D (sketch mode) you may select object (select closed enclosure with select any part of and then "Select Edge Chain") and "Copy"/"Paste" it in same sketch (or other sketch) - that way it would be just a copy (not a clone).

If you want create 2D clones (which would follow changes in its parent object) you may also use "Step Translate" & "Step Rotate" (for Step Rotate you should select center point and axis or normal which is orthogonal to actual sketch plane) — this way each duplicate would be a clone of all objects in actual sketch and all those duplicates would be in new group, BUT in same plane with parent object, so you may still extrude (or apply any other solid booean operation) parent object's sketch and clones' sketch as single solid.

In 3D there is no (yet) an option to "Copy"/"Paste", but "Step Translate" & "Step Rotate" may be used for create previous solid group clone.

Also, using "Link / Assembly" you may use assemble external SLVS file (with solid object) into actual SLVS and then apply "Step Translate" & "Step Rotate" to create its clones.
Fri Sep 17 2021, 16:56:09
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You can also Link/assemble 2d sketches, and by selecting a plane for sketch in 2d, se it to create different length and orientation extrusions of a common section. Also, multiple import of the same object allows for non patterned multiple instances of the same object.
Fri Sep 17 2021, 17:15:29
Blind hole (by Jaroslav Kopal)
How to make a blind hole in an object - a hole. (Extrude) I won't make her blind
Sat Sep 18 2021, 05:17:15
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Select the axis of the hole, and constrain its length to the depth that you want.
Sat Sep 18 2021, 07:46:26
Blind hole (by Jaroslav Kopal)
How, if after the extrude the depth of both objects is the same ?
Sat Sep 18 2021, 15:01:35
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You will have to create the solid first, and then the the hole as a separate sketch and extrude. A sketch has a single extrude depth, but can be multiple objects or holes so long as they have the same depth.

Think of a sketch as a feature, and use sketches to add and remove material to achieve the desired part. It can be useful to keep parts as separate files, and put everything together in an assembly drawing. A part can be link/assembled into a new file, where it can be used to provide constraints on a matching part, and then hidden unchecking it in the group list, and hiding its solid body in the groups properties.
Sat Sep 18 2021, 16:30:44
(no subject) (by Simao)
Is it possible to change the constraints of a sketch after a step? For example if I sketch a circle and then step it, then I cannot change the diameter of the circle anymore, I'd have to remove the step and do it again.

Wed Feb 7 2024, 04:05:13
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You can change the parameter by making the group in which it was defined active in the properties window. This hides subsequent subsequent groups until you re-enable them.
Wed Feb 7 2024, 06:03:13
(no subject) (by Simao)
Thanks, that helped!
Thu Feb 8 2024, 05:55:50
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