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Advanced GCode mode (by Sim)

I am using Solvespace to produce GCodes for CnC.
My current flow is Solvespace -> Inkscape + GCode tools -> .ngc files

I want to keep everything inside Solvespace so I need some basic features:

a) Offset whole path either inside or outside (for ⌀ of tool)
b) Attach some properties to lines (i.e. direct or backward pass)
c) Multiple passes for deep cuts
d) Tool in/Tool out


I am competent enough to add CnC mode to solvespace but I want to discuss how to make it coherent to other developers.
Mon Sep 13 2021, 02:48:16
(no subject) (by Tom)
It already has cutter radius compensation, which you can set in the config screen. It also seems to have options there for multiple passes with G code, but I've never used that myself.
Mon Sep 13 2021, 02:52:47
(no subject) (by Sim)
It looks weird now.
And I should be able to preview result over original part.

Is whole idea of different Modes is good or not for solvespace?
Mon Sep 13 2021, 06:09:29
(no subject) (by app4soft)
> I am competent enough to add CNC mode to SolveSpace... Is whole idea of different Modes is good or not for SolveSpace?

Sim, it would be great!

If you already can dive into SolveSpace source code writing, please do next:

1. Create new issue "Add CNC mode(s)" with more details:

2. Fork SolveSpace repo & start adding new features in your fork separate branch;

3. When you would be ready to propose code changes create pull request for review:

FTR, Read also next issue thread on SolveSpace missing CNC and CAM features:
Mon Sep 13 2021, 18:09:46
(no subject) (by Paul)

The short term goal is to make solvespace better at what it does, while not turning it into something it's not. It can already create G-code, so making it better at that is definitely a good thing. Adding modes is probably not, but even that could be open for discussion.

I recommend you open an issue on github for a new feature(s) to discuss it, even if you're the one implementing it. That's where the those conversations happen. One thought I have - if there are enough g-code specific additions we may want to separate them into a new panel on the configuration screen. Most of what you mention might just be new config items, but reverse cuts will probably require a little more work (maybe involving line styles?).

BTW have you tried gcad3d for CAM?
Tue Sep 14 2021, 10:49:56
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