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Groups vs layers (by Jaroslav Kopal)
Are the groups the same as in other program layers?
Sat Sep 11 2021, 10:29:20
(no subject) (by app4soft)
There are no "groups" yet; probably related feature request:

But you may use "New Group > Link / Assembly" to link other SLVS files, which itself may include some other linked SLVS files - this way you could open few windows of SolveSpace and edit & resave each assembled part (use "Space" key in window with assembly to regenarate model after each part resaved).

As for "layers" are you mean Z-order for sketches?
Sat Sep 11 2021, 15:50:14
(no subject) (by Paul)
The groups in solvespace are sets of sketch entities handled by the constraint solver. Each group is solved in order, assuming the previous groups are fixed even if they were not fully constrained at the time they were solved.
Sat Sep 11 2021, 22:10:19
Brown profile (by Jaroslav Kopal)
I don't know how to get my profile displayed in brown, as it can be seen in the Demo video (footage 2.27 min.) I tried according to the tutorial, but unfortunately nothing! I just can't achieve that.
Sun Sep 12 2021, 22:08:02
(no subject) (by Tom)
Lines from inactive groups will appear in brown. So as soon as you create a new group, the lines from all the other groups should appear in brown.
Sun Sep 12 2021, 22:12:53
Brown profile (by Jaroslav Kopal)
And do the inactive ones ever become active again?
Sun Sep 12 2021, 23:33:34
Groups vs layers (by Jaroslav Kopal)
Not in Solve Cad it is operated only by groups. The layers are not here. I wonder if it's the same?
Sun Sep 12 2021, 23:39:51
(no subject) (by Tom)
If you select a group again in the browser, then it becomes active again and the lines turn white.

SolveSpace groups are somewhere in between layers in 2d CAD and features in 3d CAD, not exactly the same as either.
Mon Sep 13 2021, 02:23:26
Groups vs layers (by Jaroslav Kopal)
Tom. Thanks for your answer.
Mon Sep 13 2021, 11:29:38
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