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What does the green highlight indicate? (by Jaroslav Kopal)
What does the green highlight indicate? Thanks for your answer.
Fri Sep 10 2021, 01:45:02
(no subject) (by Andrew)
If you are asking abut green lines, it indicates that they are construction lines, and do not form part of the skectch outline
Fri Sep 10 2021, 05:17:46
What does the green highlight indicate? (by Jaroslav Kopal)
When I draw an object with the line command and do something (I don't know what) suddenly the line turns green. What does that tell me?
Fri Sep 10 2021, 06:42:08
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You are toggling the construction attribute, 'g' on the keyboard (Sketch/Toggle Construction in the menus). selecting the line and hitting 'g' will toggle it back to white.

From the reference link

In some cases, it is useful to draw a line that should not appear on the final part. For example, the user may wish to draw a center line for a symmetric part; but that center line is only a guide, and should not actually get exported with the CAM data. These lines are called construction lines.

To mark an entity as construction-only, choose Sketch → Toggle Construction. A construction entity will behave just like any other entity, except that it is drawn in green, and does not contribute to the geometry for export by default (or to the section that will be extruded or lathed or swept). You may also toggle construction geometry while sketching a new entity by using the 'g' keyboard shortcut.
Fri Sep 10 2021, 09:31:40
What does the green highlight indicate? (by Jaroslav Kopal)
Thanks. 👍
Fri Sep 10 2021, 13:08:17
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