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Export multiple sketches from different planes onto one sketch in one plane ready for laser cutting (by Peter Brookes-Smith)
I'm pretty new here after jumping ship from Fusion 360 after they changed the licencing...

I love the application and gradually increasing my skills so I can construct the things I need as a digital model

(imagine a box with a lid and all sides have tabs and slots with various other cut outs in the faces)

I created the box in one file with sketches on different planes so that all the extruded parts are in the right place and the completed model looks like a complete physical representation of what I'm trying to create

But I'm really struggling to take the individual components and lay them out together on a single flat plane so I can get them laser cut

Each route that I take I find that I'm virtually doing the same drawing again

Any pointers or advice gratefully received
Wed Jun 30 2021, 06:01:34, download attachment camera_case_both.slvs
(no subject) (by Peter Brookes-Smith)
PS. The laser printer needs files in dxf format.

I successfully exported one side on its own to dxf and my laser cutting friend confirmed the format is good
Wed Jun 30 2021, 06:24:58
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You are probably better off adding OpenScad to your armory, and looking at:

Which is a library for creating various joints and connections in flat parts for laser cut work, including finger joints.
Wed Jun 30 2021, 09:42:55
(no subject) (by Tom)
I would draw each part in a separate file, and make an assembly to visualize how they go together for real. Then I'd make another assembly with all of them flat in the same plane, and use that for laser cutting. The assemblies are links and not copies, so if you make a change in a part and regenerate then you'll see the change in both assemblies.
Wed Jun 30 2021, 17:16:21
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