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Unexpected behaviour of Repeat Rotate. (by Abdul)
I am using latest SolveSpace version on Win 10. There is an unexpected behaviour of Repeat Rotate when making a star of half pyramid shape. The file is attached. I am confused if I am doing something wrong or SS is working as expected.

The oroginal one has a solid in it but the copies of Repeat Rotate are not showing solid.

Sun May 23 2021, 15:14:32, download attachment PyramidStar.slvs
(no subject) (by Paul)
The problem seems to be that group 5 (g005-extrude) is combined as difference. The subsequent g006-rotate uses the same combine method as the previous group. This is useful for copying holes with step-rotating or step-translating. Unfortunately it is not what you want it to do in this case. It's subtracting the 2 new copies from an already empty space.

I tried changing the sketch for the extrude group to a triangle and using intersection instead of difference. Same problem, the final rotate group produced no new copies.

When repeating, the previous group is repeated and the copies are combined with union. Then the entire set is combined with the previous solid using the same method that was used for the extrusion.

You should be able to make it work by putting another group (just a sketch in workplane or in 3d?) after the extrusion and before the step-rotate.
Sun May 23 2021, 15:58:55
(no subject) (by Andrew)
That looks like a bug. A work around is to save the single instance of the shape, and then link it into a new drawing, and step rotate the linked object, as in the attached file.
Sun May 23 2021, 16:03:25, download attachment
(no subject) (by Paul)
Andrew, it's not a bug. If you extrude a hole as difference and then step-rotate it you probably expect to get more holes.

I'm not sure what would be better. I dont think it's optimal behavior when the previous group wa intersection. I once proposed having the option to combine in different ways but I cant find the discussion on github right now.
Sun May 23 2021, 17:26:18
(no subject) (by Abdul)
First fo all I am very grateful and thankful to both of you. I am actually surprised by the so quick response.

Now, I have just started using SolveSpace and, to be honest, liked it so much that I am making up my mind to use this small, efficient and featureful piece of software for my 3d drawings.

Learning SS I thought(May be I am wrong) that the new group inherits the previous group. So It should inherit the solid as well.

@Paul I had already thought about it and tried to insert an empty Sketch in Plane Group with a triangle (just for filling purposes, with both properties as construction and drawing) but result is same. I have attached the updated file here.

@Andrew, that can a solution but this doesn't seem fit well with the working concepts of SS. If you believe this is a bug, Can I log it on github for resolution?

Furthermore, is it not a good idea to add another method of creating a workplane by selecting a line and two points on its edges in a way that new workplane is created perpendicular to the line? Which side the line workplane is created would depend on which side is closer the user.

If this is a good and workable idea, can I also log it on github as feature request?

Sun May 23 2021, 17:40:56, download attachment PyramidStar2.slvs
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