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Model a Pyramid? (by Fiacha)
I'm trying to make an adapter from the square output of my coffee grinder to a round portafilter.

I thought I could make an inverse pyramid and then assemble it with a lathed conical cylinder.

However, the best way I can think of to make a pyramid is to extrude a block and then subtract triangle shapes from the sides. However, such subtractions usually cause problems for me so I was wondering:
Is there is a better way? Like changing the width/height dimension of the extrusion?

When I was in school I was able to use 3dsmax and there i could just draw a spline circle and square and connect them and then surface them and I would get a smooth transition from round to square.
Mon May 10 2021, 18:07:59, download attachment SquareToRound.png
(no subject) (by Andrew)
The quickest, and trouble free way I have found to create a pyramid is extrude a triangle, and make two cute, but keep the start and end pane of the cuts outside the triangular, and avoid cutting exactly along the base line. block. Note a point on a line can be be beyond the visible line, which is what I used to create the cuts. See attached file, created in version 3.
Mon May 10 2021, 19:04:44, download attachment pyramid.slvs
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