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1. How to make a conical tube, 2. How to make a lathered figure solid (Ver2.3) (by Walter Cadek)
1. I'm trying to make a conical tube out of a extruded pipe,
but it is impossible to alter the diameter at each end.

2. I created a cross-section of a round part and tried to lathe it.
The result shows just the wires of the circles, not a solid volume.
How can I make a lathed solid out of a cross sketch?
Sun May 2 2021, 11:22:47, download attachment Cross3.slvs
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Turn the center line into a construction line and it will lathe correctly. Making that line a construction line will also remove the warning that you do not have a closed figure, and that is what is topping the lathe from working.
Sun May 2 2021, 12:41:39
(no subject) (by Walter Cadek)
Thank you Andrew, that was exactly what I needed.

Now I want to rotate the whole solid 90 degrees up.
My problem is, it requires a workplane but there is no workplane.
So I have some further questions:
How can I see what workplanes are there?
How can I select an existing workplane?
How can I create a new workplane?

Perhaps the solution to rotate the whole thing 90° up would answer all the questions.

Thank you in advance for your precise help.
Mon May 3 2021, 11:18:47
(no subject) (by Andrew)
The bashed lines show the basis workplanes, (rotate the empty drawing to see them). You can select the one you want to draw on and start a new sketch in new workplane, leaving the first sketch empty. Also, selecting a point and creating a sketch in new workplane result in the basis workplane nearest to the current view of the drawing being selected. For skewed workplanes, use a point and two lines on the desered plane, which can be in any group.
Mon May 3 2021, 11:46:50
(no subject) (by Thomas Herrmann)
The active solid can be rotated with the "9" key this depends on where from you look at the solid. Cameraaxis = rotation axis

- Workplaces are tied to the sketch, if you activate a sketch group the WP gets activated
- create Workplace workplane by clicking on a vertex than press "shift-w" on your keyboard. Camera position matters and it will snap to the most perpendicular(Senkrecht) plane. You can define a workplane also by clicking a point and two lines than shift w
Mon May 3 2021, 12:39:45
(no subject) (by Walter Cadek)
1. I turn the view so that I have a orthogonal view to the YZ plane.
2. I select a point or a line on my figure
3. I press the "9" key, but it pops up with following error message:

To use this command,
select a point
or other entity from an linked part,
or make a link group the active group.

I undestand "a point of the linked part" as any point of my figure.

The same message pops up, wether I do it on the lathed solid,
or on the plain cross-Section.

What do I wrong? What means a "linked part"?
Wed May 5 2021, 15:11:50
(no subject) (by Andrew)
"9" can only be used on a linked file? Start a new drawing and then link/assemble your model, and it will rotate using the "9" key.
Wed May 5 2021, 16:40:41
(no subject) (by Thomas Herrmann)
Not sure what you are trying to do. If your target is a lathe operation for X degrees you just need the sketch active and give solvespace the axis you want to turn around.

What often works for me is to rethink your approach and try a different method.
Wed May 5 2021, 19:20:16
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Solvespace allows you to keep parts in separate files, and link/assemble them into a larger model. It is worth doing this this if you need separate parts for say 3d printing. (see the assembly tutorial). Also, keeping distinct parts in separate files gives some performance advantages as well for complex designs. When you bring in such a part, it can be re-oriented as described.
Wed May 5 2021, 19:53:43
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