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Exporting single bodys out of an assembly for manufacturing etc (by Thomas Herrmann)
Good evening!

I've created a partial 3D printer to test solvespace and workflows.

Still a very fluent experience, itś all very direct and works nicely with shortcuts. Assembly is a dream as well.

I tried to workaround previously used features in sketch whitch worked quite well. I still miss easy chamfers and fillets.

I didn´t want to reference parts circular so I tried to use mastersketches that contain the reference and kept referencing within the assembly o a minimum.

There are jsut two things that I really miss.
- Step import (Just to continue Projects thrown out of freecad, Fusion360)

And the import one I didn´t found out so far: Exporting single steps out of an assemby. Maybe a hide all and then a single selection option would help there.

Are there currently any options to get a single body exported out of an assembly?

I also haven´t found out how to make a sketch on ceratin angle say on a 45 degreee angled surface for example.

Best cad ever, fired up freecad today for a really simple drawing and I ran in the same old fiddelieness ( Ireally tried hard to adapt to freecad with lots of "maybe Iḿ doing it wrong again" but Itś just cra*. There I said it.

Thu Apr 29 2021, 17:28:22
(no subject) (by Thomas Herrmann)
I could imagine a function like "supress all except this group" since it is partially already there? Otherwise it seems I have to go through all groups and supress them.
Fri Apr 30 2021, 06:08:12
(no subject) (by Andrew)
A plane for sketch in new workplane can be defined by a point and 2 lines that lie on the desired plane. Those points and lines can be in different groups. Also, for sketch in 3d, points and lines can be constrained against the basis planes of the system.

For objects that need to be exported separately, I keep them in different files, while using a 'construction' sketch in a separate file to define ruling dimensions. This approach does require opening and saving descendant files to propagate changes in ancestor files.
Fri Apr 30 2021, 09:18:00
(no subject) (by Thomas Herrmann)
Thank you,

sketching on a angled surface worked. I thought I tried all combinations on how to create a working plane and didn´t suceeded but it is working now.

I used the seperate file approach too but at some point it is pretty handy to continue making new parts within the assembly when they reference multiple other parts.

I like the mastersketch approach as it changes all other parts when the diameter of a rod changes for example.

Either "suppress all other parts" or "save group as seperate slvs" seem very useful to me.
Fri Apr 30 2021, 11:41:36
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