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building in visual studio code (by Giuse)
Hello everyone,

I searched the forum, but I didn't find an answer to my question, so I ask you if you can support me.

The question is: is there any tutorial on how to build Solvespace from source under linux using visual studio code?
If such tutorial exists could you please give me the link to the forum thread?

Thank you very much for your time and support,

best regards
Fri Apr 16 2021, 08:40:41
(no subject) (by Paul)
Not that I'm aware of. The instructions for building on Linux are on this page:

Once you can build from the command line, you should be able to connect the appropriate command to the VSCode build button. Remember, VS Code is just a text editor, so building uses an external compiler. At least that is my understanding.
Fri Apr 16 2021, 10:19:24
(no subject) (by Weston)
Visual Studio Code is just an editor, you could download and link the compilers and build with them in Visual Studio Code but there is no tutorial for that. In other words you would need to figure out the process yourself.

I think what you are looking for is Visual Studio Community -

This is the full Visual Studio IDE including compilers, etc...
Fri Apr 16 2021, 10:20:48
(no subject) (by Weston)
Whoops... I didn't see that he was using Linux :/
Fri Apr 16 2021, 10:21:50
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