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Feature request (by Jacek Jackowski)
I'm using Fusion 360. I really like this software however it's not supported in Linux. I was trying many others alternatives but they were not intuitive until I've found Solvespace. I think it's very good software in terms of simplicity however I would like to suggest implementing some additional features. I.e. Selecting workplane by face. I still don't know how to select extruded circle face to start sketching on this. While extruding I will allow accepting negative values just to switch extrude to difference rather than union. In my opinion adding some more features will make Solvespace Fusion 360 killer. I'm lacking simple chamber, fillet option on selected edge and creating threads. Hole option would be also nice. I thinks those things are possible to implement in Solvespace just by extending it not by rewriting it from scratch.
Wed Apr 14 2021, 01:56:58
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Create work plane with only a point selected, creates a work plane parallel to the predefined plane closest to the plane of the screen. So to orient a plane on a face, orient the drawing so that you are looking at the face you want to draw on, select a point on that face, and create new work plane.

When you create an extrusion, the properties window allow selection of how the extrusion interacts with the existing model, including difference.which switches it direction. ,tab. switches between the properties window and the drawing window, which also allows selection of entities and constrains in the current group. (A second monitor is useful with this program, as both window can be on their own screen).
Wed Apr 14 2021, 05:25:07
(no subject) (by ruevs)
Discussion of chamfers and fillets:

Discussion of holes:

For threads there is helix - but you need to construct the thread yourself.
Wed Apr 14 2021, 08:49:28
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