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Questions about interactive visualization and automated graphics export (by lafar6502)
Hi, i'm a total beginner in CAD and computer graphics, just learning what solvespace is and what capabilities it has. And it's impressive, thank you for developing it.

I'm looking for a way to prepare parametrized graphics to visualize some products in simplified way. The product is for example an awning or some sun-screen for windows, and i want to visualize some details of the product in a web-based product configurator.

So, assuming i make a model in Solvespace (mostly a 2D model, but maybe sometimes a 3D view would be useful as well), how to make the drawing configurable? The parametrization should follow choices/options available to the user who is ordering the product - for example to be able to show or hide some components depending on user choices, or, what is more difficult, also move the shapes accordingly when user adjusts some dimensions. And constraints would come very handy in here, for example when you're moving the position of some component A all the other components linked to it by some constraint should move/resize too.
Is it possible to achieve in general? And if so, how to approach the parametrization of the model? And is it possible to run the program in batch mode asking it to automatically generate a drawing from a given model and given set of input parameters?

Sorry if this is a repeated question.
Best regards
Thu Apr 1 2021, 09:22:50
(no subject) (by Paul)
There isn't a good way to specify parameters in an external file. If your design isn't changing other than a few numbers and maybe options, you might create a script to modify an slvs file directly, as they are text files. Not really recommended, but possible.

You can use solvespace-cli to do automated tasks like creating images (png, svg, pdf) from sketches, or various 3D views.
Thu Apr 1 2021, 09:52:04
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